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Yossarian is a creative search engine for explorers.

Yossarian makes the process of generating new ideas faster, while also improving its quality. This creative search engine helps people discover new perspectives, conceptual directions, creative insights, and allowing collaboration and feedback from a creative global community.

Anyone can discover new creative directions and participate in the creative process.

Augmented Creativity

Seeing lateral connections is an uniquely human ability, and your individual ability to make these connections is based on your own experience. We want to help you see more by suggesting connections that you probably wouldn't have considered otherwise, increasing the diversity of your ideas, and priming you for creativity.

Lateral Discovery

When working to escape filter bubbles too often randomenss and complete seridipity are seen as the answer for new discovery. We want to help you explore lateral association between content and we believe this approach can lead to predictable moments of discovery.

Creative Graph

Facebook created the Social Graph helping us understand how people and things are connected, Google created the Knowledge Graph to codify the worlds information, and we are building the Creative Graph, a radical new way to understand the conceptual relationships between things.

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Meet the team

We have a talented team of developers, designers, computational linguists, and business thinkers working together to shape the future of creative search.

Daniel Foster-Smith

Co-Founder & CTO. Developer, Designer, Complexity, Social & Societal Nudge, Data Visualization, Marine Surveyor Consultant @BP, Startup Developer, Design Consultant @BBC, MA Design Interactions @Royal College of Art, BA (Honors) Graphic Design @Northumbria University, D&AD yellow pencil.

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J. Paul Neeley

Co-Founder & CEO. Service Designer, Design Research & Strategy, Speculative Design. Service Designer @Mayo Clinic, CMI @Unilever, MA Design Interactions @Royal College of Art, Comm Studies w/ Economics @Northwestern University, Happiness @mmsz, @New Kind of Design. Tutor @Service Design Royal College of Art, Cellist, Swimmer.

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Heather McCartney

Full-Stack Developer. Java, Linux. Developer @Stashmetrics, @PanopliaUK, @CPPGroup, @HarvardEng, @Piksel. Music Tech @York, Music @Cambridge. Pianist, climber, teacher, @CodeClub volunteer.

Tomos Jenkins

Full-Stack Developer. CS @Imperial College

Rishi Tank

Developer. Machine Learning PhD CS @ City Univeristy.

Jeremy Sinclair

Director. Founding director @M&C Saatchi, Co-founder @Saatchi & Saatchi, Brutal Simplicity of Thought.



We are looking for talented individuals to join us in creating the future of lateral discovery in our London office. At Yossarian Lives you'll solve challenging & interesting problems, work on disruptive technology, be part of a great team in a fun environment. Come help define a revolutionary new direction in search and discovery!

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Investors & Advisors

We have a talented group with business, technical, & startup expertise working with us to shape the future of Yossarian.

Ted Briscoe

NLP Advisor. PhD Cantab 1984, Professor of Computational Linguistics / Computer Laboratory @University of Cambridge. Joint editor @Computer Speech and Language, editorial board @Natural Language Engineering, Co-founder & CEO @iLexIR, Advisory Board @SwiftKey.


Leo Castellanos

Board Observer & Advisor. Investment Director @SAATCHiNVEST, Founder @Comparabien, Director @British Venezuelan Society & Chamber of Commerce, Founder @The Hangout, Chairman @Cass Entrepreneurs Network, @E&Y, @PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Executive MBA (Distinction)@Cass Business School.


Justin Cooke

Advisor. CEO @POSSIBLE UK, Chair @British Interactive Media Association, Computer science & Theatre @Manchester University, @BBC Films, @Universal Music, Founder @Fortune Cookie, Top 100 Britain’s digital power-brokers 2012 @Wired.


Alex Dunsdon

Advisor. Investment Director @SAATCHiNVEST, Co-founder @The Bakery.


Steve Jackson

Advisor. Business strategist, entrepreneur, consulting, outsourcing, recruitment, games, Co-Founder & Chairman @Xoomworks, mentor @Seedcamp, MBA @INSEAD.


Anna Korhonen

Computational Linguistics Advisor. PhD Cantab 2002, Royal Society University Research Fellow, Computer Laboratory @University of Cambridge, editorial board @Computational Linguistics, and has acted as program and area chair @EMNLP & @ACL. Advisory board @Greedy Intelligence.


Peter Read

Advisor. Partner @Google Ventures, Angel investor, Advisor @EyeEm. Previously advisor Saynow (Google), Launch Music (Yahoo), LoveFilm (Amazon), Skype (eBay). MD @Entertainment Insights Limited, President @ Nielsen Entertainment, Senior Advisor @AOL Ventures & @Stella Capital.


Alejandro Villarreal

Investor @ Advisor. Designer & Architect, Angel investor, @H furniture, Founder & Principle @Hierve, @Buffalo Grid, Design Products @Royal College of Art, @Universidad Iberoamericana.


Oscar Villarreal

Investor & Advisor. CEO @Zimbra Venture Capital, Angel investor, Business Strategy & Strategic Planning, @H furniture, @Hierve, @Buffalo Grid, @Universidad Iberoamericana.


Rahul Powar

Investor & Advisor. Founder & CEO @Redsift, Head of Mobile App Dev @Thomson Reuters, Technical Architect @Shazam.


Turi Munthi

Investor & Advisor. Venture Partner @North Base Media, Founder @Demotix.


Richard Fearn

Investor & Advisor. Director @The Friday Club London, Investor & Advisor @Lystable, @Marvel, @ BleepBleeps, @F6S, @TechStars, @Seedcamp.



"The greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor." - Aristotle

"The metaphor is perhaps one of man’s most fruitful potentialities. Its efficacy verges on magic, and it seems a tool for creation which God forgot inside one of His creatures when He made him." - Jose Ortega y Gasset.

“The most profound social creativity consists in the invention and imposition of new, radical metaphors.” - R. Kaufmann

"New metaphors have the power to create a new reality" - Lakoff & Johnson

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